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13 reasons why you should join an advertising agency

Change is the hard reality of everyone’s life. Remember the first day of your school when you didn’t want to leave your parent’s side. Well, that was hard. But then you didn’t even realize how twelve years of your life passed by and there came a time when you had to start with the college. Your change got upgraded to a next level.

When you are a fresher, it feels like you have an eternity to makeup your mind about which way to go. Some may chose to study further, while others may not yet know what else to do with their lives. But eventually what most of the people need are jobs. But who will recruit a fresher is the question that arises. You may think that no one wants you, but an ad agency is always on a lookout for freshers like you.

Then let’s kick start your career with an ad agency. There are always openings in ad agencies that are willing to offer jobs for freshers. An ad agency needs nothing, but freshers with original minds like yours. So if your still don’t know what to do after your graduation or even post graduation, then hop into an advertising agency and discover your passion.

So now that you have finally planned to be a part of an advertising agency, you must be worried about getting into corporate life. But the work culture of an advertising agency is a whole new experience. Join first and decide later is the key mantra in an advertising agency.

13 reasons why you should plan your career in advertising:

It spices up your life

This career option is specially for the one’s who easily get bored of everything around them. Now you have a job that will never let your mind languish in boredom. The sole motive of the advertising agencies is to serve their clients with a faster pace. Each day of your job will be a new day as agencies have a lot of clients and you will have to put your feet into each client’s shoes. No matter how much experience you earn, you will always have to stay a fresher at your mind to produce fresh ideas.

Develop your skills as much as you can

Jobs in an advertising agency enable you to enhance your skills. There are countless opportunities as there are diverse roles. So not to worry, if you fail in one; you will always have a different option to work upon. You have an option to explore various fields ranging from content creation, PR, designing, copy writing, account management, etc.

Social circle

You will definitely have the coolest people around you. From non-fussy bosses to the employees who have taken creativity to a next level, you will have everything a job seeker can wish for.

Fun place to work

Your place of work is bound to have a gaming room. An advertising agency is incomplete without a gaming zone. If you get luckier, then you might even have a bar and a gym too in your compound. These activities relax your mind for a new brain storming session.

Explore your creative side

Openings in an advertising agency and landing a job in the agency lets you explore your creative side, which you didn’t even know was present. But surprisingly, everyone has one, which can be explored in an ad agency.

360-degree ride

An advertising agency offers you a taste of all the spices. It is made up with a combination of various agencies. You have an option to explore your interest if you get a job in advertising agency. The units include, video production, designing, writing, music production, PR, client servicing and many more.

Flexible dress code

The most comfortable thing about having a job in an advertising agency is that you do not need to fill up your wardrobe with the formal stuff. Instead, you can do a value addition to your clothes the way you feel comfortable.

Regular income

Doing a job in an advertising agency means that you will be getting money motivation regularly at the end of every month. The figures will encourage you to work harder.

Direct promotions

Growth and promotions in an advertising agency is not a long or hectic process. The process in an advertising agency works on the mantra of “you get what you deserve”. If your performance is impressive, even in the first month of your joining, you will be up for a promotion. You may not have to work longer; only smarter and harder.

Meet your favorites

Ad agencies work in close associations with the industry; so you never know, working in an ad agency might let you meet your favorite superstar or your lifetime inspiration.

Less hectic shoot schedules

For the people, who love #shootlife but do not want to give their entire life into it, a job in an advertising agency is your best escape. You will get to go for shoots but remember they do not stretch for long.

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The other side of me

Once you start a job at an advertising agency, you will have a different outlook towards the society. You will have a new vision with a broader mindset that you will cherish all your life.

Enjoy crispy toasts

The major advantage of working in an advertising agency is that you can finally practice the freedom to express your thoughts. What an advertising agencies delivers is very clear, crisp and precise. Hence, you get to play around with words and ideas to tell your tale.

If you still can’t decide what to have from the menu, then order for a job in an advertising agency for starters. You can have the main course in the ad agency itself. And a new taste will definitely be guaranteed.